Wednesday, December 24, 2008

still at goondi

4 months later I'm still hanging around Goondiwindi, Qld. Harvest time, mountains of wheat! Trucks lined up to dump their wheat off and head out for more. On the Barwon Hwy I see tripple boggy trucks hauling wheat to the silo (the silo is there but the wheat gets dumped off into long mountains that are covered by huge tarps.) This goes on day and night, it is very visually exciting. Rooster tails of wheat being blasted up onto the pile out of trucks via a hopper. Then it rained and rained. Harvest slowed down and farmers wives grumble about the crop getting wet. that what is still in the ground. Green everywhere, gota be happy with that! Pig dogs are the go around here. Big hound looking stupid things, locked up in minute cages for months on end till they get to go hunting for pigs, runaway and find a road to get flattened on by the speeding traffic. Life in the Queensland country side I guess. Big storms, wild winds, sizzling heat all make summer what it is in inland Queensland.

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